Gifts for newly married couples

Gifting is an art, and choosing the right kind of gift set for the newly married couple is a big task. Often we give the most common and futile gifts to the couples, which they do not consider using or give to someone else. There are many best gifts for the newly married couple in India which are resourceful and great for long use. While the Indian market is flooded with a variety of traditional and modern gift items, you need to make a wise choice for a unique gift item that will make you retain in their memories. In this article, we will guide you to choose the best gift for newly married couples in India.

best gift for newly married couple in India

How to choose the gift for a newly married couple?

While there are many options you can think of to give a newly married couple, but it has to be resourceful and beneficial for use.

● Choose the Useful gift

People prefer giving the most traditional gifts from ages. Most of them will think to give them a photo frame, or a silver utensil or a regular wedding parcel. But if you want to gift your near ones with some sustainable gifts, then think of giving them some items that will last long, and which they can use for their new living together.

● Choose Pair Gifts

Choosing a pair gift is one of the most amazing options that you can give to newly married couples. These couple gifts are useful for both of them. They can flaunt their love and the newly made bond through these gift options. Also, these gifts give them an option to share something in common.

● Avoid easily breakable Gift

A crucial aspect to consider before gifting is, the durability of the product. A soft delicate gift item will easily break and would be dysfunctional to use. Also gifting easily breakable gift items like mirrors, glass, etc would be risky as those cannot be refunded or reused. Weddings are tumultuous full of cousins, relatives, and especially small kids. These gift items, if not handled properly could harm the small kids. Also, it becomes hectic to carry such minute delicate items from the wedding hall to the couple’s home. So always think of gifting a robust item that will serve the couple best.

● Something Memorable

Many people choose o gif the regular boring gifts to the newly married couple, which they rarely use. While you spend money to buy the same old piece, you can invest the same amount of money and get the newly married couple a cool and memorable gift. It can be very easy on your budget and be useful to use.

● Ask them

Asking directly to the host about what gift they need is not a common practice in India. Yet this option is one of the best aspects to consider while choosing a gift for newly married couples. You can personally ask the couple what they need and can make a list of it. Then you can customize your gift set according to your budget and convenience. In this way, you will be able to give them something memorable and valuable products that they can use for a long time.

21 Perfect Gifts for newly married couple in India

Here are some of the best & Unique gifts for newly married couples in India that you can give them on their auspicious day to make their bond even more special.

1. Couple Watches

Watches are an important accessory that every person must carry. It enhances our appearance and keeps us updated. Well, a couple watches would be a great option for the newlywed couples who are just starting out new. There are many designer custom made watch pairs available in India under a friendly budget. The watch pair starts from leather to premium steel straps that complement different personalities. Couple watches are a resourceful gift option, which the newly married couple can use on their day to day life, and can flaunt their love.

Sonata Couple Watches for Parents

2. Bunch of Condoms

Everybody gifts the newly married couple with what they want, but nobody actually cares for what they need. They are married and it’s obvious that there would be a ton of sensual moments for both of them. So why not gift a box of Condoms. Condoms are important especially in the new stage of their life. A good branded lubricated condom can not only elevate their mood but also is good for their personal hygiene. There Are many reputed medicated mankind brands available in India that make the customized gift set for newly married couples. You can choose from there or else customize your own box of kinkiness with some chocolates and red wine to amp up their sex life.


3. Wallet Combo

Who doesn’t want to carry a good quality wallet which will last longer and hold their essential cards and money securely. Search for a folded wallet with various compartments for cash, credit, and other essentials. For ladies, give them a zipped wallet with robust tan color or soft pastel color that will go well with their outfit. So why not give them a good pair of wallets. You can select the wallet according to their personality, from tanned leather to classic black. Also, you can adjust the wallet combo according to your budget. A good wallet combo is an Anti-Investment gift set. Which will remain with them for long and they will surely appreciate it.

Wallet Combo

4. Custom Picture Coffee Mug

If your friend is a tea or coffee lover, then what’s more exciting than a custom picture coffee mug. You can gift the newly married couple with a good design of their favorite photo of themselves on the mug. This is a cute gift idea that can be super affordable yet useful to the couple. Along with the coffee mug, you can give them their favorite coffee or tea bags, that they can enjoy releasing stress after a hectic occasion. The pictured coffee mug will be a great option to gift because of its dual purpose. The mug could be used as a showpiece, and also as a normal mug to sip coffee or tea.

coffee mug

5. Selfie Stick

A sturdy selfie stick is needed to capture the best quality picture with full background coverage. It is handy, easy to carry, and safe to travel with. A selfie stick allows the couple to click unlimited photos on their honeymoon, and on special occasions. It also allows you to cover a wide view from a wide-angle. The selfie stick allows the couple to take their pic independently without asking for help from any strangers. Hence a selfie stick is a great option to gift.

Selfie Stick

6. Portable Mini Photo Printer

The portable mini photo printer is a unique gift item. This mini printer instantly gives a photocopy of your clicked picture. It is great for carrying it to honeymoon and other places, where the newly married couple can make uncountable memories and store them as a photocopy. Thai printers run on electric charge and provide a good backup. Also, these come in different colors and in different designs. A good portable mini camera could be used in Instagram posts to make it look more trendier. Also, this item will last the couple for a very long time.

Portable Mini Photo Printer

7. Photo Personalized Bedsheet & Pillow

What’s more romantic for a newly married couple than a nice and clean bed with soft linen material? And on top of that, the photo personalized bedsheet and pillow to make the mood more special. A mushy silky bed sheet which gives the luxurious feeling of a fancy hotel room with a soft squishy pillow customized just for the couple. They can have a great relaxing chilling time in the bedroom with a delicate soft touch of the linen material. Try gifting the bed sheet in all white or, in red color. These colors make the bedroom look bigger and brighter.

Photo Personalized Bedsheet & Pillow

8. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are the fun alternatives to the boring old wooden photo frames. Those photo frames are very delicate as they are mostly made from glass and other delicate material as the sequence design. Bit gifting a digital photo frame to newlywed couples can be a cool idea. The digital photo frame comes in different shapes and sizes, also it provides automatic frame lighting and the display setting. The couples can customize and adjust their favorite photo and set them accordingly. This photo frame gives a digital view of the pictures and makes the living space modern and edgy. Also, that will make the wedding memories alive and fresh for a long.

Digital Photo Frame

9. Kitchen Knife set

It is necessary to have all the stationeries and cookeries especially when moving to a new place. It’s a prerequisite to gift the essential items for the kitchen. Hence gifting a sharp set of knife and spoon fork set will ease their stress. The knife set could be used while cooking and serving. Also having a good set of cutlery during the wedding time, where guests are flooded every time and food is the primary concern can actually minimize the effort. Also with the help of a sharp premium-quality knife, the bride can show her chef side to the family and impress them.

Kitchen Knife set

10. Ram & Seetha Idol

Starting a new life together is a big deal. And we all know it is not possible without the blessing of our parents and the almighty. Hence gifting the idol of Ram & Sita to the newly married couple is considered to be auspicious and believed to bring happiness and good luck. According to our Indian mythology, Ram and Sita are the epitome of love and inspiration to a successful marriage. They remind us about our responsibilities and values for each other. Hence presenting an idol of the beloved almighty Ram Seeta ji could be a great gift option.

Ram & Seetha Idol

11. Couples Perfume Set

Perfumes are one of the luxurious gifts for the newly married couple. But oftentimes people make a wrong decision by gifting opposite sex perfume to the couple. But gifting a perfume set for both the bride and the bridegroom will be a good option. Also, the customized set of perfume for male and female have the right intensity. For males, it is on the heavier side and for the woman, it is on the lighter side. Prefer gifting a musky and woody fragrance as it can initiate some sensuality in both teams. Also, it will help them smell nice all day long. A good perfume set will always prevail in the memories of the host.

Couples Perfume Set

12. Couple Ring

Stylish Couple rings of different execute designs with minute sequence work made with fine quality material like gold, silver, diamond or platinum is one of the top picks for gifting the newly married couple. A good couple ring could be a great alternative when they want to have a little switch over from their engagement ring. Prefer gifting a finely polished ring with their names inscribed on it. You can choose to give them the ring of rose gold color along with the aired bracelet. This will enhance their look and make them flaunt the aroma of love everywhere. A couple of rings signifies the sacred bond that two people share. Hence it is a great gifting accessory.

Couples Ring

13. Wall Clock

After the hassle of a long hectic marriage. Couples get ready to decorate their new place. They are in a search to decorate and bring the essential pieces that will make their living space look nice. And guess what? you can ease their stress by gifting them a vintage pair of Wall clocks. Wall clocks are antique and rusty. These make the house look more modern. You can give them a big wall watch with a hanging pendulum. This will make them feel cozy as they have seen the watch since childhood. Also, watches are anti-investment gifts that stayed for a long time. There are other options in the wall clocks like the digital wall clock, or the basic analog and the mirror work wall clock that makes the house look edgy.

Wall Clock

14. Nuts Combo

Dry Fruits are the most loved gifts given in India. These are packed with a great source of protein and healthy fats that are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, dry fruits have a long shelf life that helps them to be stored for a longer period. It is widely used in Indian desserts and in other dishes. Hence gifting them a pack of nut mix can be super beneficial to the couples. These will help retain their natural glow and restore energy. Also, these can be used as a lavish snack option for serving the guests in a newlywed home. You can customize your nut pack with a mix of almonds, cashews, pecans walnuts, etc. Also, you may add a complimentary dry berry pack like dried raspberry, blueberry to make it more healthy and tasty.

Nuts Combo

15. Amazon Gift Vouchers

Amazon is an e-commerce site that has everything in one place. So why not give the newly married couple an amazon voucher where they can select their own favorite product and use them. This will make them super happy and let them choose what they want. It would be a fantastic gifting option as they can buy the electronics or gadgets at a lower price by availing of the gift voucher.

Amazon Gift Vouchers

16. Couples Living Room Chair

After marriage, there are a lot of works to do. And one of the toughest tasks is to select a piece of matching furniture that goes well with the wall color and the house aesthetics. You can give the newly married couple a couple of living room chairs which will go well with their home and will minimize their burden. There are many aesthetic chairs available on amazon, the home center. You can also visit an online site called “ Pepperfry” to get amazing furniture and home decors at an affordable range. You can prefer the classic wood chair or a fancy velvet-soft cushioned chair-cum sofa to make them feel super comfortable.

Couples Living Room Chair

17. Grooming Sets

Grooming sets are all-time suitable to gift the newly married couple. You can give a grooming combo or you can give them individually with a grooming kit. There is a lot of branded unisex product that you can gift them to groom your dearest friend and their better half. It’s important to maintain the newlywed glow in couples as they have to frequently visit places, meet guests. Hence would lack time for themselves. A good grooming set will help them rejuvenate and feel fresh-keeping the sine and glow alive for a longer time. A rooming set must include a cleanser, moisturizer, scrubber, body polish. Hand Cream and many more. You can also add some tea bags and Vit C packets to give them the extra pampering they deserve.

Grooming Sets

18. Coffee Machine

If you know your friend who is getting married, is a big coffee lover, and can’t do without coffee even a single day. Then what’s better than an espresso machine. The coffee machine is very effective when it comes to making coffee, also it takes less time and effort. They don’t have to hand beat the coffee for an hour just to have a frothy coffee. A good coffee making machine will be a little heavy on your pocket yet is worth it. A coffee machine makes the most frothy smooth coffees that are available in cafes and restaurants. You can surprise your friend by gifting them the best thing ever in their life. Trust us they will always remember you for this.

Coffee Machine

19. Headphones

Headphones gadgets when it comes to gifting. Headphones are used to listen to music, play games, and even attending an important conference meeting. So you can give your friend a good brand of wireless headphones on their special occasion to make them happy. Make sure that the headphone is soundproof and provides an A-class audio. Also, look at its warranty and return policy if you are thinking of buying it online. Always look for reviews before selecting any gadgets. You can gift them monochrome or a simple black color earphone according to their liking and their preferable personality.


20. Sunglasses

Gift Your beloved friend with a custom made sunglasses pair and make their look even more stylish. Sunglasses are on trending weddings. A big bulky black sunglasses o a red traditional attire makes the bride look stunning. Also, it flaunts the swag of the bridegroom and makes him look more confident and cool. A good pair of sunglasses is versatile in its use. May it be summer or winter a person needs to have a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from pollution and UV rays. Also, the couple can wear hefty glasses to hide their under eye dark circles after a cocktail and bachelor nights.


21. Bathrobe wears

Bathrobe wears are luxurious and lavish. A soft bathrobe is a good alternative to the regular towels and napkins that people use. You can gift a good pair of bathrobe preferable of good quality material. You can customize the bathrobes by designing their names on each of the bathrobes so that they don’t have to fight over. Also they can flaunt the initial cozy days of their after marriage in the sexy bathrobe and post it on social media. Bathrobes are more hygienic than regular towels and are for personal use.

Bathrobe wears

Tips to Advise Newly Married Couples

● Having priorities in life

Life is uncertain and you never know what is going to happen. Your beloved friend is going to start a new chapter of his/her life and we know you are excited about it. But do not forget to tell your BFF about how much their ambitions and goals matter. It’s obvious to compromise and sacrifice a little for the new family, but that hectic run tells them to take care of themselves and always give importance to their passion and priorities.

● Loving yourself before loving them

After marriage people try to forget themselves in the long run. They tend to take care of the other person, their need first then look at themselves. But tell your BFF that is not healthy for a long term committed relationship. One cannot tend to be happy if he/she is not taking good care of themselves. So loving yourself before loving them is one of the important keys to a happy relationship.

● Trying something new together

Let your friend know about the pros and cons of marriage. The initial stage of the marriage feels top at heaven, but with passing time they get to know the real side of each other. So tell your friend and water them to keep the spark alive between both of them. They can try something new not only inside the bedroom( Al the kinky stuff) but also outside. They can join a gym or a sports club, go camping and all short of exciting things.

● Future talks

Talking about the future and planning together is a sign of a healthy relationship. Ask your friends to talk and plan about their future. Not only about their expenses, but about their ambitions and goals. Tell them to plan about the life they want to, and at what age they want to become parents. Taking a lot about the future and managing them from the early stage is of utmost importance.

Frequently Asked Questions and its Answers

What is the best gift for a newly married couple?

Couple Watches are one of the best gifts for the newly married couple. Watches are regarded as one of the most important accessories that complement every individual’s personality. Also, it gives a stylish outlook to both of them.

What is the best gift for Indian traditional Weddings

Rings are considered one of the best traditional gifts for the newlywed couple. The ring enhances their bond and their love relationship. In Indian tradition, a gold rings signifies the identification of the marriage.

What is the funny gift for wedding couples?

Condoms is obviously a funny yet crucial wedding gift for newly married couples. It protects them from unwanted pregnancy and gives them to involve in safe sex. Also, it protects from STDs and unwanted diseases. It comes in different flavors, so don’t forget to add their favorites.

What is an affordable gift for a couple under 1000 Rs?

Wall Clock is the most affordable gift for couples. You can easily get a good quality watch for under 1000 Rs. And it starts from a very cheap range to an expensive range. You can look online for the wall watches for more cheap deals.

What is the best electronic gift for couples?

Headphones are one of the best gifts for couples. A portable wireless Bluetooth headphone can be carried easily to anywhere and is good to prevent it from unwanted noises.

Show your Love to the Wedding Couples

Marriage is a sacred relationship and it needs commitment and trust to last long. In this new chapter of life, your BFF is new and you got their back. Marriages in India are hectic and full of chaos. Almost all people tend to present the same kind of boring gifs to couples. But as a good friend try to give them gifts that they will surely enjoy. We have mentioned the best gifts for newly married couples in India which you can give to your loved ones on their D-Day. Also do not forget to advise and talk to boost them as they might get nervous in this phase.


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