Best Couple Watches under 5000 for Men & Women

Watches have a great impact on the fashion industry. It transforms an individual’s personality and makes it more impactful. And for the modern-day couple, it is a must to have a couple of watch pairs. But Oftentimes we get frauded with the lowest quality time wears that doesn’t serve our purpose and waste our resources. So if you are looking for the “best couple watch under 5000” then you are in the right place.

Top 10 Pair Watches under 5000 with Specifications

Here are some of the best seller couple watches handcrafted just for you.

1. Titan Bandhan Analog Silver Dial Couple Watches

Titan Bandhan couple watch is simple yet classy with a minimalistic design. The band material is made with premium quality leather which makes it perfect for day to day wear. You can carry it with your casual or formal attire. This minimalistic timepiece is an all-rounder, as it gives you a water resistance depth of 30m. So you don’t have to worry about exposing it to harsh climates. The stainless steel prevents the watch from getting corroded and keeps it shiny. The silver dial and round shape of the watch give a lightweight feel on the hand.


● Best premium quality leather watch for couples.
● Perfect as a gifting option for parents on special occasions.
● Stainless steel silver dials.
● Round shape dials that go well with all age people.
● Two years warranty with 30m depth of water resistance.


This couple watch is a must-have for all the couples who believe in setting standards in society. With a matte black leather and customized breadth for both the gender, it is a perfect day time wear timepiece. This watch pair has a round shape and silver dial color which makes it stand out as a necessary basis watch piece. Hence it serves best under the category of “best couple watches under 5000”.

2. Timex Analog Silver Dial Unisex Watches

Timex Unisex watch is an anti-investment piece that lasts you for a long. It has a silver dial color which makes it universal to use anytime. The band material is made with premium quality stainless steel which protects the watch from getting tarnished. The watch pair comes in two different designs with silver and gold plating. This unisex pair is lightweight and can be carried as a bracelet. It has a 38-millimeter band that perfectly fits in an average person’s wrist. Also, you can adjust the bandwidth by furnishing it on their retailer shop. You can wear this watch in stormy weather as it gives you a water resistance of 30 meters.


● The watch weighs 40grams.
● It has a beautiful round shape analog dial with a multi-color dial.
● It has a diameter of 44m which makes time visibility prominent.
● Feels like bracelets due to breathtaking design and lightweight.
● Best suited for couples who want to accessorize together.


Perfect for individuals who love a standard piece of time wear. It is affordable and does justice towards each penny. The exclusive minute designs make it a versatile piece. It is one of the must-have if you are looking for the “best pair watch under 5000”.

3. Sonata Analog Black Dial Unisex Watches

Sonata Analog watch set is a classy watch pair. With black as its main theme color, it reflects the edgy vibes that it provides. The bandwidth is 25 millimeters with a sliding clasp. The oval shape of the watch gives it a trendy look. Not only that the band material is made with good quality stainless steel that is further coated with a satin black coating. It is perfect for individuals who do not want to carry a heavyweight wrist-watch. It is suitable for college going couples who want a small dial and feel light on their hands. It can sustain up to the water pressure of 3 ATM. So you don’t have to worry if you accidentally sleep your watch on the water. It is super affordable with a 12 months warranty.


● It has a Quartz movement.
● Small dial with 25 millimeters diameter.
● It can resist water up to 30 meters.
● A budget-friendly couple watches for a beautiful couple.


This watch pair is perfect for couples who do not like the feeling of a heavy watch on their hands. It acts as a bracelet with a jet satin black finish. This watch pair goes well on every occasion.

Sonata Analog Black Couple Watches
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4. Fastrack Casual Analog Couples Watch

Fastrack watches are known for their durability and custom made watches. These couple watches are strong and sturdy with a diameter of 52 mm. The NM3123SM01 model is for a man who likes black color dial. This watch is a bit heavier and has preferably a large dial so that you can have easy access to time. This watch can resist up to 50m of water depth. Similarly, the attached pair is of NM 6150SM04 model is for females and has pink as its dial color. Both the watches are made with exclusive stainless steel. The ladies watch can handle up to 30 m of water resistance and hence is safe for day to day use. This watch pair provides a long life span as it contains Lithium-ion as its battery. This watch moment is Quartz and is a basic analog.


● A sporty and durable watch pair that lasts you for a long.
● Made with mineral material.
● The man watch has a Diver’s Clasp, while the women watch has a Push Button Clasp.
● The case material is Brass.


It is one of the best sellers on Amazon, with an average of 4.7-star rating. This robust watch pair is best to pair up in formals or even in the casual sporty day. It adds a strong personality to your appearance.

Fastrack Casual Analog Couple Watches
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5. Sonata Analog Gold Dial Unisex Watches

Sonata gold watch is a stunning watch pair that is made with premium quality steel material. The watch pair has a golden dial with a gold color yellow band. The watch pair has an astonishing design and weighs 259g. The watch pair is handcrafted with such minute detailing of stone embedded in it. The dial has a champagne Navette shape. It has a golden knob that lets you adjust time as it is a basic analog dial. The watch has Sliding Clasp, Jewelry Clasp for men and women respectively. The watch pair is easy to use in harsh rainy climates as it gives a water depth of 30m resistance.


● Case material is made with brass.
● The watch pair gives 12 months of manufacture warranty.
● Resists 30 ATM pressure of water.
● Dazzling watch pair for the wedding.


It is a great pair that goes well on all special occasions. The golden yellow straps give it a unique touch that enhances your look. It adds a royal touch to your attire for its minute with white stone detailing.

Sonata Analog Gold Couple Watches
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6. Titan Analog White Dial Unisex Watch

This unisex watch is a swank timepiece that is durable and sustains well in rough use. It has a white dial color with horizontal stripes on it. It is made with exclusive stainless steel and further coated white to prevent from getting rusted. The watch pair has a water resistance depth of 10meters. It is a sturdy watch of 200g so that you don’t have to worry about dropping it down or losing it somewhere. The watch provides 24 months manufacturer warranty and gives 10m water resistance.


● A stylish watch pair that goes well with casual wear.
● Round dial watch case with off white metal coating.
● Made with minerals as its core material.
● Analog watch that shows date and time.


This stylish watch is a must buy in the “the best couple watch under 5000” category. It provides a classy style statement to the couple. Made with exclusive mineral material, it sustains for a long time.

7. Casio Couple Watches

The casino’s exciter band watches are one of the promising products when it comes to wrist-watches. It has a black dial, with the customization of day, date, and time. It provides water-resistance of 50 meters with two years of domestic warranty. The A832/A1645 model is for man and it has a stainless steel material. It has a 10-millimeter thickness and a 35-millimeter diameter. The LTP-1230D-1CDF (SH33) model is for females, it has a 22-millimeter case diameter and a band of 15 millimeters. It is made with stainless steel with a round dial shape. This watch piece has a crustal dial structure that is made with glass. It’s perfect for the couple who like the luxurious feeling of a wristwatch.


● The Casio enticer comes in a silver band color with black a color dial.
● The watch moment is quartz and the display type is Analog.
● It can sustain water weighing up to 50 meters.
● The couple watches provides a warranty of 2 domestic years.


The Casio watch piece is a chic style statement that goes well with every outfit. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon. You can avail of the watch pair at a more affordable price at discounts on festival sale days.

Casio Couple Watches
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8. Timex Analog Brown Dial Unisex Watch

The Timex Analog watch is a different yet classy timepiece. It has a multicolor band, with pieces of tanned metallic brown embedded horizontally on silver plating. It has a beautiful brown color dial that makes it stand out from the normal wristwatches. Made with premium quality stainless steel and round case shape, it provides a lavish feeling on your hand. It has a case diameter of 24 millimeters and has a bandwidth of 18 millimeters. It feels quite like a bracelet due to its stylish design. The watch pair provides a water depth of 30 meters, making it suitable for everyday use.


● The Timex Analog watch has a brown color dial.
● The watch has a round-shaped case.
● Made with minerals as chore material.
● It has a brown silver knob to adjust the time.
● Runs on a battery.


This Timex watch is a unique timepiece and the best couple watches less than 5000. It is stylish and is best for everyday use. It is very comfortable on the hands and sustains in a harsh climate.

9. Titan Analog Couple's Watches

The Titan Analog NK2480SM05 and NK1636SM01 watch pair are the amazing time wear. The watch pairs are on the heavier side and hence give the best lavish feeling when carried well. It has a basic analog dial with the advanced technology of the day, date, and time. The case material for both models is mineral. Both the watches have a push-button clasp lock mechanism, which makes it convenient to use. The NK2480SM05 model is crafted for women and has a pink dial color with a calendar analog. It has a 41.50 mm case length which is suitable for a female wrist. On the other hand, the combined watch pair of NK1636SM01 male model has a black color dial with water resistance up to 30 meters. It has a sturdy silver strap that goes well with everyday wear.


● The watch piece has glass material.
● The timepiece has a minute detailing of minutes, seconds, and hours.
● Run-on lithium-ion battery.
● The watch pair has a push-button lock mechanism.


It’s a nice couple watch pair that goes well with every formal occasion. It prevails well in strong weather and feels light on hand. It has an overall 4.4 rating on Amazon, which makes it the best couple watches under five thousand rupees.

Titan Analog Silver Couple Watches
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10. Q&Q Analog White Dial Golden Couple Pair Watch

Q&Q’s golden couple watch is classy and vintage. It is made with premium quality stainless steel with a minimalistic gold coating on it. It has a yellow gold case material with analog as its display. It has a beautiful round-shaped dial with little variation in diameter for men and women. It has a thick gold strap with a minimalistic yet chic design. Both watches can resist up to 30 meters of water resistance. The watch pair has a large dial which makes it stand out among others. It has a dimension of 25 x 20 x 5 cm and has a net weight of 300 grams.


● A gold watch that goes well on every special occasion.
● Made with stainless steel.
● The watch has a sliding clasp.
● It has up to one year of manufacturing warranty.


The Q&Q’s watch pieces are effortless. They look amazing on people of all ages. The watch does not only provide you with a great style but also remains with you in a harsh climate without getting tarnished.

Q&Q Analog Couple Watches
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Buying Guide for Couple Watches Under 5000 Rupees in India


Cost is a primary concern if you are looking for a budget-friendly couple watches. You can get numerous options when it comes to exploring watches, yet you need to be careful while choosing the best quality watch piece for both of you. We have suggested you the best couple watch under 5000”, which can save your pocket yet give you a durable piece to rely on.


Features can be varied for different people. If you are thinking of giving the watch set to your parents, then you might consider choosing a formal, less clingy watch set. While if you are planning to get it for a young energized couple then we suggest you go gaga over all the styles.


Watches are the accessories that can transform your look from average to a high standard man. While buying a watch, one must look at and research the design they should opt for. For working couples, they must invest in an evergreen watch piece that goes well with every attire. They can look for crystal, glass dial cases with multicolor bands. Color combination also plays an important role while choosing the best couple to watch for less than 5000 Rupees.


People always want to invest their money in a trusted resource. There are many trusted brands that produce the best quality couple watches. We have mentioned our top branded picks in this section. Nevertheless, one can never go wrong with companies like Fastrack, Timex, Sonata, etc. These brands are budget-friendly yet produce the best quality watches.


A watch is not only used as a machine to know the time but also used as an accessory to deck up. So it’s important to note on the straps while buying the watches. We suggest men go for leathers, steels, gold, and 3 colored stripe straps. Also, it looks to study when a man carries a thick strap, not only it is convenient but also it gives a strong personality. While for women there is an extensive variety. A woman can choose thick or thin straps according to her personality. Gold & silver suits best for women’s hands.

Water Resistance

A watch should be an anti-investment accessory. It should have premium quality metals and should be water-resistant. Oftentimes we lose a watch because of water hazards. It can be because of an accidental slip of the hand, or a small mishap in the kitchen. You need to ensure that your watch is water-resistant and can resist up to 3ATM pressure.

User reviews

If you are thinking to buy a couple of watches online, then it’s necessary to go through the customer reviews. It provides a wide sense of satisfaction or disappointment regarding the product. Always look for the pictures in the review section to know the originality of the product. A quality watch should have all the necessary information with a good source of positive views.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the best couple to watch under 5000?

There are multiple options on watches under 5000, but every watch is not fast in their mechanism and does not work properly. It is recommended to have deep research before buying any watch. There are a couple of trusted brands like Timex, Sonata, Titan that produce quality couple watches under 5000.

2. Can we give a couple of watches to our parents?

Yes, you can consider gifting the stunning couple watch pairs to your parents. These watches suit well to all age people. But do choose some modest designs for your parents, as they may not like some sporty or dazzling and clingy watches. Good for and simple couple watch is best to gift your parents on their special occasions.

3. How can we style couple watches?

Couple watches can be styled in different ways. It can be used to pair up with the bracelets, or simply with nice attire. You can flaunt your love by wearing a couple of watches and can click some cool Insta-worthy selfies.

4. What is an analog/digital watch?

A basic analog watch is a traditional watch that works on a clock face. It does not have any lights; it’s simply the smaller version of the wall clock. While digital watches show the accurate time with an advanced display.

5. How to buy a good watch?

You should always look for a manufacturing warranty while looking for a good pair of watches. Also, you should look into the material of the straps and the core material that it is made up of.

6. What is the best website for watches?

You can visit the official brand website, or can avail of it on Amazon. These websites provide you with authentic customer reviews.

7. What is the best time to gift a couple of watches?

You can choose to gift the couple watches at any time. You can give the couple a watch on marriage anniversaries, birthdays, weddings.

8. Can you wear a vintage watch daily?

The vintage watch pair looks stunning on the hands. It goes well with every outfit and is suitable for special occasions.

PIck the best Couple Watches below 5000

A couple of watches is an essential accessory, that not only informs you of time but also gives a lovely definition to your love life. It boosts up your bond with an unbroken string. Couple watches are great gifting options to your friends and family. With unique designs and exclusive patterns, there exists a perfect pair of couple watches for each one of you. There are a variety of designs starting from floral to sporty that suits every age.


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