Titan Couple Watches

Titan is one of the best well-known brands when it comes to watches. It is worth for money, durable and of good quality. You can consider Titan watches for its exceptional quality.

Titan Bandhan Watches Collection

Titan’s Bandhan collection perfect for a modern-day couple. It provides a wide range of watch pairs made for individuals, couples, BFFs. This collaboration aims to strengthen your bond by providing it a definition. Titan’s Bandhan has dual Color straps that go well with a jovial personality. These watches are made from the best quality steel, original silver, and gold plating. These watches are perfect for gifting your beloved ones.

Top 8 Titan Couple wrist watches with prices

So here are the top 8 Titan couple watches, that you can consider buying or gifting.

1. Titan Bandhan Analog Multicolor Dial Couple Watch

Titan Bandhan Analog Multicolor Dial Couple watches are perfect for your partner who has a multicolored personality, with a bubbly attitude. These pairs are uniquely designed with alternative silver and gold plating. It has a thick and thin strap, which complements both genders equally. Nevertheless, with regular watches, these watches are great to wear because of their different designs.

It has some sequence work going on all over the watch that makes it look so pretty. The side sequence of alternate gold and silver metal makes it look so classy and elegant. Also, this comes perfectly fine for the money. It’s a worthy titan couple watch.

Titan Bandhan Analog Multicolor Dial Couple Watch - 1
Price: ₹ 4,995.00

2. Titan Analog White Dial Unisex Watch

Classy couples need a classy accessory that goes well with their charisma. A good couple watches enhance their personality and reflect their standard. Titan Analog White Dial Unisex Watch is one of the fanciest watch pair that couples may include.

It is a white dial unisex watch, made with premium quality of steel. A very simple yet elegant watch pair that has a round dial analog with date and time. A must buy wristwatches for all the young couples who believe in setting examples and reflect standards of their choice.

Titan Analog White Dial Unisex Watch - Wrist pair watch 2
Price: ₹ 12,495.00

3. Titan Modern Bandhan Analog Blue Dial Unisex Watches

Timex is a well-known brand in India, popular for its durability and value for money watch pieces. From beautiful thin gold chains to heavy metallic dial, they have it all for you. Timex is known for the collaboration with other fashion companies, like Peanut, Todd Snyder that brings you the most executive couple watch pairs.

It is often said that couples who are miles away and are connected by different time zones are one of the best pairs. And what’s better than a classic Timex couple watch for them. Timex provides all kinds of trendiest and anti-investment watches crafted for both the people, who are just “time” apart.

Titan Wrist couple watches 3 - Bandhan Collection
Price: -₹ 9,995.00

4. Titan Bandhan Analog Gold Dial Couple Watch

The Titan Analog Gold Dial Couple Watch is a must for all the couples, who like to flaunt their bossy vibes all around. These watch pairs are Perfect for all cocktails, parties, and even meetings and conferences.

The thick gold strap compliments every skin tone and gives you an exclusive feel just by wearing it. It also has off-white color dials with symmetrical lines in it. This couple watch is one of the trendiest watches in the market.

Titan Bandhan Analog Gold Dial Couple Watch - pair 4
Price: ₹ 5,795.00

5. Titan Modern Bandhan Analog Silver Dial

Leather straps with analog dial are never off fashion. What’s more lavish than an exceptional watch pair of Titan Modern Bandhan Analog watch. This watch pair comes in brown and chocolate leather straps and silver dial color. It adds a modern touch to the working couple. Best suited for committed couples who can carry themselves well.

A watch to flaunt their love relation with an edge. Also one can never go wrong with neutral leathers. This watch pair has phenomenal leather material which is water-resistant. So do consider gifting it to your better half as this will make a valuable present.

Titan Modern Bandhan Analog Silver Dial Unisex Watch - pair 7
Price: ₹ 4,995.00

6. Titan Bandhan Analog White Dial Couple's Watch

Titan’s Bandhan watches are one of the most amazing collections. It produces an enormous amount of gold and silver dial analog watches. Custom made for fancy couples, The Titan Bandhan White Dial Couple’s watch is a must-have.

It is simple, classy, and elegant. With a square regular gold plating that goes all the way around and meets at the end. And the big silver plating’s embedded within gives it an elegant look. This watch is best for everyday wear and also for specific events.

Titan Couple watches - pair 6
Price: ₹ 7,995.00

7. Titan Neo Analog Black Dial Watch

Titan Neo Analog Black Dial watch is a unique combination of both classism’s. This watch pair comes in two different band materials that are leather and silver. The leather strap titan neo analog watch goes well for Man and the silver straps perfectly complement a woman’s hand.

What’s common in both of them is the most iconic black dial. It is exclusively designed with mineral glass material and stainless steel. These neutral color watch pairs are best for formal wear. The unique feature of these watch pairs is the radium embedded beads which reflect time and date in the darkness of night.

Titan neo analog wrist watches
Price: ₹ 5,390.00

8. Titan Analog Couple's Watch

The Titan Analog Couple’s watch which is different from each other yet connected. This unlike the other brand models which produce the same kind of watch pairs with a difference only in their sizes.

This watch pair is crafted with different designs on the dial that suits both the gender. The pink dial case goes well with the woman’s personality while the black dial shows the masculinity of a man. You can also alternate the wristwatches according to your reference.

Titan Analog couples wrist watch rose and black dial
Price: ₹ 6,390.00

Frequently asked Questions

1. How to Change the Date in Titan Wrist Watches?

To change the date and time in Titan Wrist Watch, find the right knob located in the watch. Pull it up a little. Now rotate it clockwise to forward the DATE, and rotate anti-clockwise to forward DAY.

2. How can I tell If a titan watch is real?

Always check the barcode and the 13 digits serial number on the backside of the Titan watch. You can scan the barcode, that will take you to the original site of your Titan watch. Or else if you cannot find the thirteen digits serial number then you can contact the official Titan team to get your confirmation.

3. Where is Titan Watches made?

Titan Watches are made in India. It is an established brand that has a diversified collaboration with other wings like Tanishq. It was founded in 1984 by Xerxes Desai. The headquarters of Titan is situated in Banglore, Karnataka, India.

4. How is the battery life of Titan Couple watches?

Titan’s battery life is pretty good. You would need to change your battery in approximately one or one and a half years.

5. What is the starting price of the Titan pair watches?

The starting range of original Titan Pair watches start from 5000 and above.

6. Can we gift Titan Couple watches to my Parents?

Yes, you can give Titan Couple Watches to your parents. You can give them this amazing watch on their birthdays, anniversary, or at any other special event.

Titan Watches

Titan’s Bandhan watches are an excellent choice when it comes to watching pairs. It provides a wide range of couple watches, that signify beauty and technology all in a single piece. Do not waste time thinking about the other alternatives, like this one of the best couple watches to gift.


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