Best mens digital watches under 1000 rupees in India

The Men’s digital watches always reflect a sense of pride for the person owning them. Are you confused about choosing the best and affordable digital watch under 1000 rs? Well, the top brands, including Sonata, Casio, and Timex, have launched the best digital watches within your budget. This article will discuss in detail the 10 best Men’s digital watches available in India under 1000 Rupees.

Top 10 Best Digital Watches under 1000 Rs with Technical Specs & Price

Digital Watches Price
Sonata Digital Black Dial Watch
Timex Mens Digital Watch
Casio Youth Digital Watch
V2A Mens Digital Watch
Mr. Brand Digital Watch
Sonata Super Fibre Digital Watch
Skmei S-Shock Digital Watch
Eddy Hager Digital Watch
Timewear Analog + Digital Watch
Timex Digital Black Dial Watch

1. Sonata Digital Black Dial Men's Watch

Sonata never fails to impress us with its attractive collections of more than 600 exclusive designs. Sonata Digital Black Dial Men’s watch is crafted with premium rubber and a tang buckle. The lightweight and classy black dial appeal to the preferences of many at ease.

Sonata Digital Black Dial Men
Price: ₹ 925.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● The world-class rubber watch with Black color band and round dials.
● The comfortable tang buckle makes it easy to wear and works well with both left-handed and right-handed people.
● It weighs as low as 100 grams with a digital display.
● It operates on Quartz movements ensuring higher accuracy and good battery life.
● The display is small and perfectly fits the wrist.
● It also has a stopwatch and a light to operate in the dark.
● It is shock-resistant and water-resistant to a depth of 30 M.
● It comes with 12 months Manufacturer Warranty at a very affordable price.
● If you are looking for the best watch to gift your friend on his birthday, then I think this is a wise decision.


Sonata always values customer preferences above all without compromising the quality of the watches. Sonata’s Digital Black Dial Men’s digital Watch is highly recommended if you are searching for the best watch to wear for the weekend drive with your friends.

2. Timex Analog Silver Dial Unisex Watches

Whenever we talk about watches, few brands are durable and premium like Timex. Presently, Timex is at the top of their game and it is one of the most trusted brands. Timex’s Digital Men’s Watch is curated especially keeping in mind the taste of the new generation. The red plastic strap helps balance out a sleek face, creating a watch that looks perfect with your everyday attire. The overall look is very simple yet classic.

TIMEX Digital Mens Watch
Price: ₹745.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● Best range of premium quality plastic watch, with round case and red color dial for men.
● It comes with special features like alarm, back light, stop watch and calendar, which makes it a great choice.
● It is a water proof digital watch and has the water resistance of 100 meters depth.
● The display is quite large. So, even if an old aged man wants to use this watch, he can easily read the time.
● It comes in warranty with good quality and reasonable price.
● On special occasions, if you are confused regarding what should you gift to your man, this is a great option.


Timex always amazed its customers with its crystal clear display in the range of digital watches. This Digital Men’s Watch is kind of the best watch for sports enthusiasts. The readability during Sunlight is impressive, and it is suitable for men of different age groups. Hence it serves best under the category of “Men’s Digital Watches under 1000 Rupees in India”.

3. Casio Youth Digital Watch

As the name suggests, the Casio Youth Digital watch is designed to suit the likes and preferences of the youth of the nation. If you are a new college student or have just entered high school, Casio has launched a youth series for you guys. It is designed with Resin with a black band and mineral glass material. If you are looking to purchase a small dial-sized watch, this watch shall surely top your list.

Casio Youth Series Digital Grey Dial Unisex Watch
Price: ₹ 1,050.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● The Casio youth series is launched as a vintage series covering the major aspects of the vintage watches.
● The color of the band is black made with high-quality material making it suitable to be worn for all occasions.
● The width of the band is 22 MM making the fit more comfortable.
● The case’s diameter is 32 MM made of Resin with 11MM thickness in a rectangular shape.
● The rectangular shape provides more space for a smaller dial.
● The grey color dial perfectly matches the band color with a mineral crystal, giving a sleek look.
● It weighs approximately 259 grams with a buckle to fit in the wrist.
● The other features include the watch light and calendar showing the day of the week & date of the month.
● It is designed in a quartz movement and is powered by a battery.
● The Casio Youth series is water-resistant up to 100 Meters.
● This watch comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.


Casio has defined style and sophistication with this Casio youth Series. If you are looking for luxury at an affordable rate, this watch is one of India’s best Men’s Digital watches cost under 1000 Rupees. 

4. V2A Mens Digital Watch

The V2A men’s digital watch is intended to treat owning the best quality watch at the lowest rates. It offers a wide range of options in choosing the colors desired by the customers. The resin strap material gives it a stylish and sporty look.

V2A Mens Watch
Price: ₹ 890.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● It operates on the quartz movement and an analog display, giving it a more sophisticated look.
● The V2A Men’s watch is available in 6 colors including Orange, blue, brown, gray, green, and silver.
● It gives an option to try out trendy color combinations. The military green is the biggest hit among watch lovers.
● The band’s width is 21 MM, made of top-quality plastic, giving it more flexibility.
● This watch has a round case shape and is designed with 5.1 CM diameter with a tang buckle.
● This watch has been launched under the sports series of V2A.
● The other features of this watch include the Chime, alarm, date, chronograph, and water-resistant unto 50M.


V2A always brings out the best craftsmanship in their sports series. This watch is best suitable for sporty people who prefer to choose multifunctional watches for their weekend sport. If your sports watch could be so trendy and at a very affordable price, why not grab them.

5. Mr. Brand Digital Watch

The brand makes sure its products reflect the personality of the brand. All the watches of Mr. Brand are genuinely tested with quality control before dispatch. This digital watch is a multifunctional watch with stainless steel back cover, giving comfortable sportswear.

Mr Brand Digital Mens and Boys
Price: ₹ 299.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● The band’s width is 17MM made with good quality black color plastic material to give a lightweight profile to the watch.
● It has a digital display with a round case of 30MM diameter.
● It weighs as low as 150 grams and comes with a six-month warranty.
The case is made with mineral material, giving it a sleek, stylish look making it more appealing to kids.
● The watch’s other features include an Electro-luminescent backlight, an Auto light switch, an Afterglow flash alert (Led Indicator), alarm, calendar, stopwatch and is water-resistant up to 20 meters.
● It displays both the 12h/24hrs along with four buttons to control the different functions.
● This watch comes with a six months warranty.


This watch is one of the best multifunctional men’s digital watches in India, especially at a very low and affordable rate. If you are thinking about gifting this watch to your son or friend for any occasion, then don’t hesitate; you are spot on!

6. Sonata Super Fibre Digital

Sonata, one of the largest watch manufacturers in the country, has launched this watch as part of the Ocean series. It has been classified as extra high-water resistance watches. The small dial makes it more efficient for people who love water sports.

Sonata Super Fibre Digital Grey Dial Mens Watch
Price: ₹ 549.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● This watch comes with a round case and grey color dial.
● The Band is made with the best quality silicone material making it easier to maintain at different temperatures.
● It works on quartz movements and has a fantastic water-resistant capacity of 30 Meters.
● It has a tang buckle making ensuring that it fits well during the water sport.
● The other features of the Sonata Super Fiber Digital watch include Alarm, EL backlight, Chronograph, and day-date calendar with 24Hr time setting.
● It offers a 24 months manufacturer warranty.
● Are you a water-borne person and loves staying in the ocean during the weekends; then this watch is highly recommended for you.


Sonata always strives to cater to all the customers needs without compromising on the quality at large. To launch an extra water-resistant watch at an affordable lower rate shows the sophisticated craftsmanship involved in designing the product. Sonata Super Fiber Digital is one of the best men’s digital watches in India under 1000 INR. 

7. Skmei S-Shock digital black Dial Men's Watch

Skmei’s Shock Digital Black Dial men’s watch is sure to appeal to your eyes at the first look. Skmei has strived to provide the best digital watch, especially for sport freaks. The silicon band and mineral glass material offer a sleek look and classy touch.

Skmei S-Shock digital black Dial Mens Watch
Price: ₹ 598.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● This watch is available in a black color dial, with a round case.
● It has a soft and comfortable strap with a large dial plate.
● The dual-time function and original Japanese movement never fail to appeal to the sportsmen.
● It also helps you ascertain the calorie that you burn daily at the pool or the gym.
● It involves the quartz movement with a digital display and buckle.
● The band is made with black silicon material with 24MM width.
● The round case has 5.3 Cm diameter and 15 MM thickness.
● It weighs the lowest at 70 grams and is water-resistant up to 50 Meters.
● The other attractive characteristics include the alarm and light.
● This watch offers six months warranty for manufacturing defects.


Skmei’s Shock Digital Black Dial Men’s watch is the best successful sportswear available in the country. With high water-resistance initiation of up to 50M, you need not worry anymore about diving into the pool while wearing your watch. The low price does not compromise the quality of the product. Hence, it is considered one of the best Men’s digital watches in India.

8. EDDY HAGER Analogue & Digital Watch

Eddy Hager has given a fusion of analog and Digital features in this watch to grab the attention of watch lovers and young people. This watch is preferably designed to attract people who love sports watch. The Rubberband makes it more comfortable to wear and provides a sense of breathability.

EDDY HAGER Analogue Digital Mens Watch
Price: ₹ 4984.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● This watch comes with a black band with rubber material. The rubber material is an excellent option for very active people.
● It has a tang buckle and easy to operate.
● It has both analog and digital displays making it more appealing and easier to look at during sports.
● It involves quartz movement and hence maintains better battery life.
● However, this watch does not offer a warranty.


This watch is an extremely low-priced, high-quality watch among the other sports watches available in India.

9. TIMEWEAR Analog Plus Digital Sports Watch for Men

Timewear is the booming watch manufacturers striving to produce quality timepieces with everlasting style and accuracy. Time wear’s analog plus digital sports watch is a multifunctional watch combining analog and digital display techniques at top quality and competitive price.

TIMEWEAR Commando Series Analog Digital Sports Watch for Men
Price: ₹ 999.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● This watch is available in two colors, blue and red, giving you the option to choose your favorite one.
● The band is designed in silicone material with a width of 24 MM. So, it fits well within your wrist.
● It has a tachymeter bezel function that helps the user determine travel speed based on distance and time.
● It has a round plastic case with a 50MM diameter and 15MM thickness.
● The watch has a black color dial with a glass crystal covering the dial.
● The watch’s other significant features include alarm, backlight, day-date-month-year calendar, stopwatch, and multi-time zone display.
● The watch comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


Timewear Analog plus digital sports watch is best for accuracy and quality. This analog-digital sports watch comes along with multiple features at a reasonable price. If you are looking for multiple features in an elegant sport watch, this would be the best choice.

10. Timex Digital Black Dial Men's Watch

Timex watches are evergreen and widely known for their timeless designs. They strive to accommodate the needs of every kind of customer all over the world. The Timex digital black dial men’s watch comes in a multi-colored plastic band making it more appealing to young men.

Timex Digital Black Dial Mens Watch
Price: ₹ 930.00

(Price may change at any time, Check latest Price Above)


● This watch works on digital quartz movement and hence has a better battery life and enhances the watch’s functioning.
● It is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters.
● It is lightweight, with approximately 140 grams making it more comfortable for the wearer.
● The cases are made with durable plastic material with a scratch-resistant mineral lens to keep the time ticking without hindrance.
● This watch suits any occasion from that friend’s wedding to the later night party.
● All the Timex watches come with a one-year covered service. If there are any issues associated with the watch, you can get the service from any of the Timex service centers.
● Timex also provides a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.


Timex digital black dial men’s watch is designed with style and fashion at realistic prices. It proves the best value for money, water-resistance technology, and warmth outlook.


Great things come in small packages. Similarly, these excellent digital watches come at affordable prices. Before choosing the right one for you, you need to consider the following parameters.

1. Build quality

The digital watches are manufactured with different built materials, including plastic, steel, silicone, and rubber. A strong surface would make the watch sturdy. While choosing the best watch, you have to prioritize your preferences based on the material’s effect on your skin. The silicone material allows more breathability and flexibility while plastic remains rigid and firm. You can choose the built that best suits your skin.

2. Size

Each watch comes in different dial shapes and sizes. Some prefer small dial watches which fit well within the wrist while others prefer the big sporty ones. It also depends on the size of your wrist. A small dial would not suit a bigger wrist and vice versa.

3. Water resistance

We don’t want our favorite watch to get ruined on a bad weather day or during the weekend water sport. If you are a person who loves to be on the beach during the weekends, then choose a water-resistant digital watch.

4. Good battery

The battery gives the energy for better functioning of the watch. Hence, a good battery ensures the better life of a digital watch. Assuming you are on your vacation, you would not want to keep your watch charging now and then. Hence, choose a watch with good battery life.

5. Stopwatch

Most digital watches come with this feature. It is vastly helpful for people who are into fitness and workout. If you are looking for digital watches that you wear even when you work out, make sure this feature is covered.

6. Alarm

Gone are those days where the big side clock clicks an alarm every day. Now, the digital watches are clicking on the hands even when at sleep. Especially if you are a day sleeper, who finds it difficult to wake up every morning, you should indeed look for a digital watch that could do the job.

7. Led backlight

The LED backlight is an essential feature, especially at night. Even when the room is pitch dark, it helps us to look at the time. There is no point if you can’t use your watch at night. So, make sure the watch you choose has a good LED backlight feature that does not harm your eyes.

8. Calendar

Having a calendar in your watch is an additional feature to look at when you choose your watch. Some watches come with date day month calendars which are more noticeable.

9. Brand

Most of all are the brand name. The brand name always defines the quality and elegance of the watch. Make sure you choose the best brand known for its durability.

10. User reviews

The real words from the users serve as a very powerful tool for choosing the best watch. The experiences from various users give us a more realistic opinion about the watch.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Which watch brand proves to be a good investment under 1000 Rs?

Some of the manufacturers known for good quality watches include Sonata, Timex, and Casio. They produce limited edition watches with a unique design that raises the investment value.

2. What are the differences between analog and digital watches?

Analog watches use the mechanism of using mechanical structures for an hour, a minute, and seconds. In contrast, digital watches use electronic(numeric) structures, including liquid crystal and LED number display.

3. Why are digital watches preferred over Analog watches?

Digital watches are generally less expensive and cover various features over analog watches, including calendars, stopwatches, compass, barometers, and lights. 

4. Why is a digital watch more accurate than an analog?

The watch’s accuracy depends upon the watch’s internal movement, i.e., whether the movement is based on quartz, automatic or mechanical movements. Quartz movement is considered to be the most accurate of all. The watch display does not have anything to decide on the accuracy. If a quartz movement is built in an analog watch, it is equally accurate as a digital watch.

5. What is a chronograph in a watch?

The digital watches have an additional chronograph, which means a stopwatch mechanism that measures minutes, seconds, speed, and even heart-rate.

6. How many years does the battery in digital watches last?

A good quality battery lasts for approximately five years.

7. How long can a digital watch be water-resistant?

Most digital watches are water-resistant. However, each watch has its water-resistant capacity. Some have as low as 30 Meters, and some have as high as 250 Meters.

8. How long does a Digital Watch last?

The band and the bezel would be the first ones to be worn out over many years of usage. With proper care and maintenance, a digital watch can last for more than ten years.

9. Can the watch glass be replaced or polished?

The watch’s crystal cover cannot be replaced but can be renewed and polished using Brasso polish or poly watch paste. It is always advisable to consult the experts for polishing the watch glass.

PIck the best Digital Watch below 1000 Rupees

With the advent of technology, watches are becoming a sensational asset of the young generation. It serves a sense of vintage and pride among people. It is essential to choose your watch with the best features at the lowest rates. There are so many best men’s digital watches in India under 1000 Rupees. Time and tide wait for none. So, before the time ticks, choose yours wisely.



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