Best Couple Watches under 10000 Rupees in India

The watch is always believed to reflect the inner mind. Couple watches have become a new growing trend in the country. Whether you plan to gift your close buddy at his wedding or surprise your parents at their anniversary; scroll down to know the best couple watches under 10000 rupees in India.


The demand for couple watches in India is showing a positive trend over the years. Choosing a couple watches is not as easy as it sounds, the watch must reflect dignity, style, outlook, and comfort. The parameters for selecting the best couple watches vary from buyer to buyer drastically. That is when the well-established brand plays a vital role in helping the buyers choose the best pair of watches. The following are a few of the top brands in India that have ventured their hands into the art of couple watches under 10,000 rupees.

  • Casio
  • Timex
  • Titan
  • Fossil
  • FastTrack
  • Sonata
  • Citizen

Top 10 Pair Watches under 10000 with Price & Specs

Here are some of the best selling couple watches under 10,000 INR handcrafted just for you. Before seeing the top 10 let see the Best couple watch which cost above 10,000 Rupees.

Bonus - Best couple watches above 10000 rupees in India - Fossil Black Watches

The investment made on a good couple watch is as valuable as the time. There are few luxurious couple watches available in India above 10,000 rupees. The Fossil Black watches provide two best watches – Fossil Analog Black Dial Men’s watch and Fossil Riley Analog Black Dial Women’s watch. A marriage between these two watches gives a perfect combination of pair watch.

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●  They come with a black dial stainless steel strap giving a higher life span for the watch.
●  They have a quartz watch movement and analog display.
●  The Men’s watch weighs 200 grams without a bezel. It feels a bit heavier on hand and is suitable for people who prefer more oversized watches.
●  The Women’s watch weighs 249 grams and is bigger and heavier. It has a unidirectional bezel that is used to measure time spent underwater. This bezel rotates only counterclockwise.
●  They come along with a double locking fold-over clasp. This clasp is a steel bracelet that comes with an additional flip lock safety tab.
●  These kinds of clasps are mainly found in sports watches. It prevents the main clasp from accidental openings.


Being one of the most luxurious brands in the country, the quality it offers outweighs the rate.

1. Casio Analog Black Dial Silver Watch Combo

The Casio Analog Black Dial Silver watch is a stunning, elegant, and simple watch that strikes the edge perfectly. The watch is designed in the most subtle way of expressing elegance. As the name suggests, the watches are made of a silver stainless steel band and the quality reflects aloud the brand.

Casio Analog Black Dial Silver Band Men and Women couple Watches
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●  The Mineral glass crystals make the watch scratch-resistant.
●  The black dial under the mineral crystal gives a clear look at the display.
●  The men’s watch 100 M water-resistant feature gives you a sense of relief while at a pool.
●  In comparison, the women’s watch has 10M or 30 feet water-resistant.
●  It has a quartz movement and analog display.
●  It comes with a double lock that enables the wearer to make sure the watch is intact and has a perfect fit in the wrist.
●  It comes with two years of Domestic warranty.
●  The estimated lifetime of the watch is five years.


This watch gives a unique and stylish outlook that suits any attire. If you are a couple looking out for the best couple watch to stun the crowd at the dance floor at the weekend, well, look into the features, and you will be blindfolded. Go for it

2. Fossil White Dial Combo Analog Watches

Fossil is known for its versatility and enormous collection of watches that suit any outfit. The white dial analog watches from fossil are a splendid creation, a complete style statement, and never skips any eye over it. This pair watches emerged as the End of a Season style model.

Fossil White Dial Analog couple Watches
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●  The couple watch comes in a white dial. The most crucial eye-catcher is the contrasting band colors.
●  The Men’s watch is brown, and the women’s watch is silver in color. Both the watches have been curated under a mineral crystal, ensuring a perfect finish.
●   The quartz movement type ensures utmost accuracy.
● The Men’s watch shows a chronograph display which provides a stopwatch in the display. The women’s watch has an analog display with simplicity.
●   The women’s watch has a deployment clasp ensuring perfect hold and fantastic wrist fit. The Men’s watch has a simple and elegant two-piece strap buckle.


This watch gives an overall good experience alongside the two-year international warranty. The perfect outlook with the best services and outstanding features, especially if you are a couple who loves big dials, then it is time to buy one of the best pair watches, the Fossil white dial Combo analog watches.

3. Titan Neo Analog Black Dial couple Watches

Titan is one of India’s well-recognized watch brand known for its durability and long-lasting watches. As the name suggests, the Titan Neo comes with a round black dial with mineral crystal round glass. The simple analog mechanism makes the pair watches one of the best affordable watches in India under 10,000 rupees.

Titan Neo Analog Black Dial Couple watches
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●  The Men’s watch comes in a brown band color, and the women’s watch is in silver color with a stainless-steel case material.
●  The Buckle lock system ensures safety fit for both the right and left-handers.
●  The case width is 42MM in the men’s watch and 35MM in the women’s watch. This gives a perfectly sized dial for both men and women.
●  This watch would be a big hit among people who prefers smaller-sized dials over bigger ones.
●  It comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Titan service centers are located widely in the country.


This pair watch provides the best outlook that a couple would love to flaunt in the crowd. Are you gearing up for the weekend party or the wedding? Sometimes you don’t need a reason to gift your particular person when you can get the best pair watch at affordable rates.

4. Fastrack Black Dial Red Couple watches

Fastrack is known for its trendy and sporty collections, which suit both men and women. There are a lot of models available for each of them separately. The Fastrack Analog Black Dial Men’s watch and Fastrack all-nighters Analog Black Dial women’s watch make the best pair of the lot.

Fastrack Analog Black Dial Mens Watch udner 10000 combo
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Fastrack All Nighters Analog Black Dial Womens watch under 10000 combo
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●  Both the watches are designed with a Round black dial. The Men’s watch is placed under the Hardlex Crystal, and Mineral Crystal covers the women’s watch.
●  There are no vast differences between the two crystal materials other than the terminology.
●  The Men’s watch gives a 50M water resistance, and the women’s watch is 30M water-resistant. This paves the way for thorough use of the watch without any hesitance.
●  The Women’s watch has an additional feature of the day-date-month calendar inside the watch and buckle lock.
●  The Men’s watch comes with a deployment clasp with a pushbutton without a calendar.


The Fastrack provides a 24-month manufacturer warranty on both watches. The Stainless-steel band material and the analog mechanism drive the simplicity of the curation and make the watches the best pair to buy under 10000 rupees in India. The trendy couple must own these to enhance the outlook.

5. Timex Analog Blue Dial Unisex Watch

Timex is a known internationally accredited brand that blends quality into fashion. It has cutting-edge technology in outdoor, sports and style categories. The Timex analog blue dial unisex watch is a beautifully designed watch with stainless-steel band material and mineral crystal. The blue color dial gives a luxury look.

Timex Analog Blue Dial Unisex couple Watch
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●  Both the watches are the same look alike. It is a perfect combo watch, especially to couple who loves wearing the same attire on all occasions.
●  The premium stainless-steel bracelet gives a classy look to your wrist. It ensures a longer life span for your watch.
●  It gives 30M water resistance. So, be it a swimming pool, a day at the beach, or bad weather on the way back home, you need not worry about the luxury at your wrist.
●  It works under an analog display mechanism and weighs 119 grams. The lightweight makes it feel more like a bracelet.


The investment made in this watch is worth a lifetime. Every single rupee that you spend gives you luxury and durability. It is an exclusive look-alike pair watch with incredible design at an affordable rate. If you are looking for the best couple watches, this is a must-try.

6. Citizen White and Black Dial Couple Watches

Citizen is an internationally established brand that has marked its footprints in more than 140 countries. It makes in-house to manufacture the components of the watch. Here, we are pairing up two of the best find of Citizen – Analog White Dial Men’s watch and Analog Black Dial women’s watch.

Citizen Analog White Dial Mens Watch under 10000
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Citizen Analog Black Dial Womens Watch under 10000
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●  It has a silver color band with stainless steel material. The Bandwidth is 14MM in women’s watch and 22MM in Men’s watch. This would best suit people who like light and smaller watches.
●  The Men’s watch comes with a 50M water resistance, and the women’s watch is 30M water-resistant. You can relax at any aqua time.
●  The Women’s watch has a mineral crystal that safeguards the watch from scratches.
●  Both the watches have a deployment clasp with safety. It holds your wrist with a proper grip.
●  The watch movement is based on quartz and has an analog display.


Citizen offers a one-year international guarantee for this combo watch. If you are a couple who expect the comfort and luxury at the wrist with elegant design and affordable rate, these are the best choice. The durability and luxury make it the best couple watch under 10,000 rupees in India.

7. Sonata Silver Dial Couple watches

Sonata is one of the largest watch sellers from the Tata Group. They strive hard to satisfy the customer demands from time to time. The Sonata’s Analog silver dial Men’s watch and Pankh analog silver Dial Women’s watch are the best combo couple watches available under 10,000 rupees.

Sonata Analog Silver Dial Mens Watch under 10000
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Sonata Pankh Analog Silver Dial Womens Watch under 10000
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●  These watches have been designed as a part of Sonata’s wedding collection. The detailed trendy designs make it a stunning piece of art.
●  The Men’s watch comes with a round shaped case and silver color band. It has a brass bezel and can resist 30M of in-depth water. So, no worries about your watch when on water.
●  They work on an analog watch display system and quartz watch movement.
●  It has a sliding clasp ensuring perfect grip and fit. It circumvents the whole strap and gives a better outlook.
●  These multi-function watches come with a one-year manufacturer warranty from the purchase date.


There are many factors to be considered before choosing the best couple watch. From cost to design, every aspect plays a vital role. After all, you are going to choose your best wrist pal.

8. Titan Bandhan Analog White Dial Couples Watch

Titan gives a wide range of stylish designs to choose from. The Titan bandhan analog white dial couple watch is yet another pair watch crafted with utmost care and detailing. It comes with a simple asymmetrically shaped case with a white dial and at the best affordable cost.

Titan Bandhan Analog White Dial Couples Watch under 10000
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●  The combination of gold and silver stainless steel band material gives it a salt and pepper look, making it the best for all the attire.
●  It also provides a shiny look and protects the strap from getting worn out.
●  The sliding clasp ensures a perfect fit of the watch in the wrist and makes sure the outlook of the watch is upheld even at the lock design.
●  It has a 30M water resistance ensuring no worries at any water activity.
●  It has a quartz movement and analog display with glass crystal material for scratch resistance.
●  It comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty.


This couple watch is the best in terms of simplicity and detailed design. The asymmetrical case shape makes it a better watch to worn by any age group. It would be a must-buy for that couple who gives more preference to simplicity, durability, and affordability at the same time.

9. Timex Analog Blue Dial Unisex Watches

Timex has designed another blue dial Unisex watch which can be paired up beautifully. It gives a rich and luxurious outlook with a rose gold stainless steel strap with mineral crystal. This couple or unisex watch is considered one of the best couple watches under rupees 10,000 in India.

Timex Analog Blue Dial Unisex couple Watches under 10000 rs
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●  The look and feel of the watch override the cost. They are another look-alike watch designed by Timex in a beautiful round case with a brass bezel.
●  It works on a quartz movement supported by a 1 AA battery to send an electrical signal through the mineral crystal. It has an analog display system.
●  It assures 30M in-depth water resistance enabling comfortable daily usage of the watch.
●  The lightweight and correctly sized dials give it a perfect choice for the couple who loves to wear bracelet-like watches.
●  The blue dial and brass bezel is the eye-catcher for this couple watch.


It is yet another well-articulated and straightforward piece of work from Timex. They operate at more than 200 service centers all over the country. If you are looking for stunning watch designs under 10,000 rupees, we assure you that this is one of the best couple watches in India. 

10. Titan Analog Couple Watches

Titan’s Analog couple watch is a perfect combination for 90’s and 20’s couple. The Men’s watch is designed with a black dial, and the Women’s watch has an attractive pink dial. Black and pink dial at the most affordable rate makes it the new attraction for the young couple.

Titan Analog couples wrist watch rose and black dial
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●  They are placed along with the best scratch-resistant mineral crystal material and stainless-steel silver band material.
●  The Women’s watch comes in an analog display with quartz movement.
●  They have a unique push button clasp which is more secure than the regular deployment clasp. These are much more convenient to open due to the push buttons. They are also less noticeable and gives a smooth outlook.
●  It comes along with a 24-month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.
●  Titan is known for the best after-sales service. So, you don’t need to worry about any manufacturer defect after the purchase.


As already mentioned, Titan is one of the best watch manufacturers in India. They ventured into the couple watch to provide the best products at the most affordable rates. These watches defines the best quality and affordability, making it the best couple watches in India under rupees 10,000.

Things to look before buying couple watches under 10,000 INR

There are many factors to be considered before choosing the best couple watches. From cost to design, every aspect plays a vital role. After all, you are going to choose your best wrist pal.


When we invest our money, it is essential to infuse the funds into a trusted resource. The brand is the trusted resource we are talking about. We have discussed various brands, including Titan, Timex, fossil, Sonata, and Citizen, which offer the best quality and affordable rates.

Looks ALike

Based on your preference, it is essential to know if the watches are look-alike or different. 


The specifications of each couple watch differ from each other, with major ones being the same. Each brand has its unique specification. It is essential to analyze each of them carefully before choosing the best couple watch.


Design plays a vital role in choosing the best couple watch. From simple design to complicated, detailed designs, various companies offer different kinds of designs. Check them before you decide to check the suitability.

Color that Matches Couples Hand

The strap color that you choose must equally match your skin tone. So, before you choose the watch, make sure it fits the hands of the couple.

Strap Type

There are different kinds of straps used in watches – stainless steel, leather, fossil, plastic, etc. Each strap enhances the watch in different ways. It is imperative to determine the belt that suits you well before choosing the best couple watch.


Most durable watches come with considerable water resistance. If you or your special someone is a more aquatic person, it is essential to choose the higher water resistance watch. 

User reviews

The actual user reviews are the most crucial factor to be considered. After all, the existing user gives a better overview than the theoretical promises.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Which is the best Couple Watch Set Under 10000 Rs in India?

There are a lot of couple watches available under 10000 rupees. But, each watch has its working mechanism. Not all of them need to be at their best. Hence, it is very important to have a deep insight into the best brands, as explained above, before choosing the best one.

2. Is a Couple watches suitable for gifting?

Of course, the answer is yes. Gifting couple watches have become the latest trend. It might be for your friend, sibling, or parents; it would mark a good impression on their wrist.

3. What is the difference between Analog and Digital display watches?

The analog watch is a traditional display watch or can be termed as a wrist clock. The digital watch is the trendy one with lights using an advanced display system showing the more accurate time.

4. Which is the best website to purchase couple watches?

A lot of e-commerce websites have come to serve you the best products. These are also available on the official websites of each of the brands. Choosing the e-commerce websites would give additional discounts and offers.

Pick the best Pair Watch below 10000 INR

We have discussed in detail about the 10 best couple watches under 10000. Now, it’s time for you to choose one of them. Never forget, an investment made on watch is never recouped. So, choose a wiser one and enjoy better utilities. Count your tick-tock for a couple of shopping soon.


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