Best Couple Watches Brands in India

Couples are often confused with the couple pair gift that they think to buy for themselves. Gifting a couple watches to you and your better half is a great idea in this festive season. Watches are the most versatile accessory that a person must have in his or her wardrobe. And when it is a couple watches you really need to flaunt those stylish yet classic time bands that complement your love. Couple watches are great for gifting, you can consider gifting it to your friends and family. You can choose a similar kind of watches that tends to compliment you and your partner’s personality. Here we suggest the 8 best couple watch brands in India that will ensure you give the best pair to date.

Top 8 pair Watches Brands in India

1. Sonata

Sonata is a well-established manufacturing company in India. The brand owns the most luxurious and trendiest collection of watches which can be a solo or a couple pair. It provides you all kinds of couple watches starting from luscious chain straps to formal leather straps with an affordable range.

Not only that, Sonata provides you the best couple watch for all ages, may you be the sweetest college going student or the newlyweds or for your parents. Designed with the best quality stainless steel with classic coatings of gold, silver, and rose gold, it makes the perfect accessory for all occasions. If you are a working couple you can always opt for the formal premium quality leather straps that Sonata provide

2. Titan

Titan is the most prominent and fashionable brand when it comes to watches. They manufacture the best quality of premium watches. They have an amazing collection of “couple watches”. Adored by all, specially crafted for you with beautiful diamond studs embedded on her dial and silver-plated comprehensive design on His dial to make a perfect pair to flaunt.

You can choose Titan, as it offers an affordable range of trendiest collections suitable for all ages. Couple watches are great to gift on any occasion. Also, it enhances the bonding giving it an identity and taking it to an edge. We recommend you a decent rose gold watch pair by “titan”, that will ensure giving you Major couple Goals.

3. Timex

Timex is a well-known brand in India, popular for its durability and value for money watch pieces. From beautiful thin gold chains to heavy metallic dial, they have it all for you. Timex is known for the collaboration with other fashion companies, like Peanut, Todd Snyder that brings you the most executive couple watch pairs.

It is often said that couples who are miles away and are connected by different time zones are one of the best pairs. And what’s better than a classic Timex couple watch for them. Timex provides all kinds of trendiest and anti-investment watches crafted for both the people, who are just “time” apart.

4. Fossil

Fossil is one of the most upscale brands known for its heavy watches. Designed for “his and her”, this brand provides a unique design to the couple pairs. Most of the couple watches are the same with little design difference, which is absolutely baseless for the identity. Couple watches should be personalized in such a way that mirrors the personality and flaunts the couple’s vibe. 

Fossil provides you all kinds of classic rose gold, Ashfield, melrose and silver pleated analog dials, with precise stud designs for her and advanced date settings for him. These watches fit perfectly to your wrist and give an edgy look to flaunt.

5. Casio

Exclusively designed for men and women for special occasions, Casio gives you the most luxurious yet comfortable couple watches that enhance your personality and show your love out loud. They use a fine amalgam of metals with some precious studs to make watches look more lavish.

They offer pure ceramic, stainless steel, 18-carat gold pleated analog dials. The watches are minutely designed in pairs keeping the preferences in mind. You can opt for Casio couple watches to give your other half a perfect accessory, to amp up your couple game.

6. Citizen

Citizen is an expensive yet most loved brand in India. Known for its quality watches, Citizen gives you a perfect couple watches that will add on a bonus to your fashion game. It designs smart, basic, and simple yet classic watch pieces for both the partners. People of all ages can opt for this brand as they have some really must have basic watch pieces in Black, silver, and gold that can level up your fashion and add on to your standards.

Not only that it has some really cool black dial analog watches that you can customize and pick for you and your partner. We are very sure it will complement your persona and make you feel fancy all day long.

7. Fastrack

Looking for an affordable yet long-lasting and trendy couple pair watches, Fastrack is your go-to answer for all your queries. Trusted by millions of people all over the globe, Fastrack provides the funkiest, cool and sporty watch pieces for both of you.

If you are on the little adventure side and you love sports, then what’s better than Fastrack. Fastrack comes in an affordable range that can be sustained by all the college-going sweets and also be budget-friendly to married couples. It is known for its stylish colorful leather straps that will make your basic look go funky in seconds.

4. Daniel Wellington

There is nothing more elegant than the classic DW watches. From luminaries to bureaucrats, these luxurious watches are the first choice of every elite. And there is nothing better than lifting such a remarkable piece to your other half on a special day.

Daniel Wellington is one of the expensive and international brands that provide quality couple watch pairs. Not only do they design it in detail, but also give special attention to the requirements of the customer. Not only watches, but they are also known for the pair up bracelets that come along with the wristwatch. You can consider looking at their 40mm watch sets for a sumptuous pair.

Branded Couple Watches

Watches are an essential accessory we need in our life. Not only it informs us of valuable time, but also adds to our personality. One can guess your persona just by looking into the watch you wear. And when it comes to couples, watch pairs are a necessity as it binds two different personalities together. Consider gifting a good couple watch pair to you and your better half and flaunt your love life with pride. Celebrate special occasions with the most luxurious and fanciest brands on your hand and carry them with ease.


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